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Unless you’re living under a rock you’ll be well aware that we’ve been feverishly developing our WordPress eCommerce plugin Jigoshop (don’t forget to sign up).

We’ve recently been discussing a business model based on competitors and other premium WordPress plugins and while we’re still not 100% ready to commit on that aspect, we can happily announce our preliminary feature list.

Jigoshop feature list

  • Sell digital products
  • Sell physical products
  • Sell services
  • Manage Orders
  • Promotions & coupon codes
  • Product filtering / sorting
  • New and Featured products widgets
  • Cross sells
  • Up sells
  • Related Products
  • Configurable products
  • Grouped products
  • Product reviews
  • Customer account area
  • Tax by location
  • Multiple Shipping Options
  • Set your currency
  • Customisable email receipts
  • Sales reports
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Export products, orders & customer data

Payment gateways

  • Paypal Standard
  • Paypal Pro
  • Google Checkout
  • SagePay
  • Authorize.net
  • Moneybookers

We’d appreciate your thoughts and ideas as to which features you’re looking forward to and what features you feel are missing.

While there’s still no launch date pencilled in, it feels good to be making considerable progress into creating a kick-ass product.

16 Responses to Jigoshop WordPress eCommerce feature list

  1. Josh Harwood

    Hi Jay, the feature set is looking really strong i’m looking forward to trying the system.

    Just to add to the suggestions pile, here are some features that have been requested by recent clients:

    - Returns handling
    - Multiple currencies with rates updated regulary (XE.com feed)
    - Customer order history
    - Guest checkout
    - Invoice email that is easily printable
    - Shipping labels

    • Jay

      Thanks for your suggestions Josh. A couple of them are already included and we’ll look into the others.

      • Josh Harwood

        Thanks for the response Jay, I have an ecommerce project coming up and wondered if you have a launch date scheduled for Jigoshop?

      • Jay

        Still a couple of months away I’m afraid mate so nothing concrete.

    • Josh

      Hi again, not sure if these are on the list yet:

      - Multiple prices, depending on user level/group (e.g. wholesale & retail pricing)
      - Shopping cart is remembered between sessions when items are not taken through to checkout?. On second visit, have a page which says “These items were in your cart but not bought” and have a option next to each item with “keep in cart/remove from cart ” radio button?
      - Zoom in feature on items? (http://www.mind-projects.it/jqzoom_v10)

      Really looking forward to using Jigoshop :)

  2. Ben

    Having PayPal Pro would be a nice addition to your supported payment gateways.

  3. Nick Plekhanov

    Howdy Jay, it’s going to be an awesome product. Looking forward to trying the system.

    here is really BIG request by Russian peeps: Integrated Russian payment gateways (more details on request). As there are no eCommerce products, especially for WordPress for Russian people to use. But it’s indeed requested product by my clients and fellows.

    Please take a look at it.


    • Jay

      Hi Nick, what are the main payment gateways in Russia? We’ll take a look into it.

  4. Rob de Jong

    I’m truly looking forward to the release of this new eCommerce solution! It has lots of potential! I’m also looking forward to testdrive the system :) Me and my clients are always looking for simple and affordable eCommerce solutions to use in small webshops.
    My feature request: support for a big and widely used Dutch payment gateway. iDeal has proven to be a very reliable and easy to use payment gateway in Dutch webshops. It is also maintained and approved by al the big banks in Holland. Without iDeal, your webshop is useless in the Netherlands ;)

    • Jay

      Hi Rob, are you familiar with MoneyBookers? It’s a payment gateway we’re planning to integrate with who claim to support many international credit cards etc.

      We’ve not looked into iDeal – is that an .nl exclusive payment gateway or is it prevalent throughout Europe? We’ll be on the look out for people to help develop payment gateways for different nations so if you’d be interested in helping out please get in touch.

  5. JJC

    The demo, and video’s of this system look great, and am looking forward to its release.

    Is it possible to have an option to add free gifts if the order goes over a certain amount?
    ie: order over £50 and get a standard free gift – order over £99 and choose a free gift from a few options.
    Also, it would be good to have some kind of personalisation. ie: order a bracelet and have a field to enter some text to be engraved on it.
    And lastly, to be able to select one product, and then be able to pick specific products based on the first selection. ie: customer selects a certain size box (say holds 5 items), they are then presented with a list of products from which they can choose 5 items only.

    I can see some immediate uses in projects I have coming up for these features, and would love to give your solution a whirl. :)

    • Jay

      These all sound like great ideas for extensions to Jigoshop :-) I’ll add them to our list.

      • JJC

        Cool! ……bring on the release :)

      • Jay

        Hell yeah! The free version will hopefully be out in a couple of weeks. Keep your eyes peeled!

  6. David

    Hi, Sorry I am a little late adding to this post – I found your site today while researching wordpress e-commerce plugins and am impressed and intrigued so far, looking forward to seeing more and getting the opportunity to test it.

    One of my initial comments is regarding payment gateways – as with many WP e-commerce options I think you should consider adding more UK gateways. Alongside SagePay maybe consider PayPoint & Total Web Solutions (I’m sure there are others too). I think most users would be happy if these were ‘premium’ extras – so people didn’t feel they were paying for gateway functionality they don’t need.

    Not to sound like a whinging Brit, but can we control the labels of fields on the cart pages? e.g get it to say VAT rather than Tax?

    I’ll be interested in how your system handles configurable options with products. My wife runs a wedding stationery company (simplest choice is 4 types of base card, 32 coloured ribbons, 13 ink colour options) – this is causing her more than a little grief in her current cart and is starting to spec out alternatives – so finding this site might be rather timely all round!

    One of my requirements is to allow people to pay for and book appointments – very few shopping carts seem to do this (unless I haven’t been looking in the right places) – the product may be a one-hour consultation but once purchased a date/time needs to be selected – am sure this could be done manually via product attributes, but of course getting it to sync with a calendar system, not allowing people to double book, allowing for rescheduling, etc are not trivial tasks I’m sure. If you could do that as an add on I think your potential market might open up to a large group of consultants, coaches, health practitioners, etc who want a good payment & booking system?

    Anyway, as stated in first paragraph I am looking forward to testing this out for real as it certainly looks good so far.

    Cheers & Good Luck,

    • Jay

      Hi David. Well we’re UK based so adding UK payment gateways will be a simple enough process :-) Obviously it’s a global market though so we’re aiming to cover the major US payment gateways first.

      The plugin will be localised to changing cart to basket (etc) will be easy enough if you have experience with languages in WordPress.

      Configurable products will be arriving in the premium version which we hope to have ready in 6-8 weeks (ish).

      Appointment / ticket booking is on the roadmap but not a priority at this stage. If / when we build one it will be released as a premium extension.

      Glad you’re excited, the free version will be going out next Tuesday so not long to wait now :-)

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