A Memorable Day in History!

October 21st 2015 has been etched in the minds of Back To The Future fans since the screening of BTTF 2 in 1989. Many of you will know that the name Jigowatt was inspired by these great movies so what a fitting day to release our brand new website. Paying homage too are innovative pieces […]

Industry help from the experts at no cost

This is your opportunity to get free one-on-one time with WordPress industry experts, who can help you manage and improve your website. We are offering 1 hour sessions throughtout the day for anyone who would like to drop into their central Peterborough offices and discuss anything about your WordPress Website, you may have issues with: […]

Mobile Optimised Website Usage

More and more internet usage is ‘on the go’ nowadays, we all have access to cheaper data tariffs and Wi-Fi connections, not to mention the plethora of mobile devices to choose from, be it a tablet, mobile or even small laptops, we’re all now acutely aware of how much media and information everyone consumes whilst […]

What a bunch of Slackers!

As a thriving web design business, promoting a healthy work-life balance is just as important as embracing the latest technologies. Exciting decisions here at Jigowatt have now enabled the team to tick both boxes. With many of us juggling the needs of young families (and dogs) with work, we have set up systems which allow us […]

Invaluable contacts

Working within a business to business environment, it quickly becomes apparent that the need for regular contact with not only your existing clients, but potential new ones, is vital. So how do you do it, without becoming that ‘bothersome sales person/company’ again? Facebook would now have us believe that paid for advertising is the way […]

Setting up Google ReCaptcha with our Ultimate PHP, HTML5 and AJAX Contact Form

With the release of our Ultimate PHP, HTML5 and AJAX Contact Form we’ve had numerous support comments relating solely to the integration of Google’s “noCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”. Because of this, we though it was high time to explain how to get it working well with your site. For a working example of the new reCAPTCHA, and […]

My Javascript training diary (#1)

So over the past couple of months I’ve challenged myself with learning Javascript in my spare time. I decided on Javascript to be my next language as I really want to improve my front-end development skills. I know HTML, CSS, SASS and I’ve dabbled in PHP. I can create WordPress themes so Javascript was the […]

Things are hotting up in January!

Here at Jigowatt HQ we’re used to a rather steady start to the new year. Giving us all the chance to recover from Christmas and catch up on any small jobs that you just don’t get around to – then ready for the traditional increase in work come February. No such chance this year. Our […]

Released: Ultimate PHP, HTML5 & AJAX Contact Form

An update to the best contact form on CodeCanyon!” (customer review 13.01.15) Jigowatt achieved ‘Elite’ Author status 4 years ago on the online giant website Based in Australia, and operating as a group of eight marketplaces, Envato easily rates amongst the top 100 trafficked websites in the world and Jigowatt have been members since […]

Fat Club!

I am Jack’s over-inflated seasonal gut Christmas is always a great excuse to cram our pudgy little faces with chocolate, biscuits, sweets, cake and booze. Unfortunately, this leaves a guilty layer of lard on our bodies which can be used to make soap in clever films. So we’ve started the new year with a brand […]