Things are hotting up in January!

Here at Jigowatt HQ we’re used to a rather steady start to the new year. Giving us all the chance to recover from Christmas and catch up on any small jobs that you just don’t get around to – then ready for the traditional increase in work come February. No such chance this year. Our […]

Released: Ultimate PHP, HTML5 & AJAX Contact Form

An update to the best contact form on CodeCanyon!” (customer review 13.01.15) Jigowatt achieved ‘Elite’ Author status 4 years ago on the online giant website Based in Australia, and operating as a group of eight marketplaces, Envato easily rates amongst the top 100 trafficked websites in the world and Jigowatt have been members since […]

Fat Club!

I am Jack’s over-inflated seasonal gut Christmas is always a great excuse to cram our pudgy little faces with chocolate, biscuits, sweets, cake and booze. Unfortunately, this leaves a guilty layer of lard on our bodies which can be used to make soap in clever films. So we’ve started the new year with a brand […]

Humbled Jigowatt Quiz Winner gives candid interview

“It was a matter of when, not how!”  These are the words of Leo John Gehlcken (33). Since the Senior Designers momentous win last week at the Jigowatt Christmas Party quiz life has been nothing but a frenzy of press conferences, interviews and celebrity appearances. Fresh from putting his John Hancock on what is penned […]

WebDevConf 2014

As part of our pledge to stay up-to-date with technology, we sent our developers away to Bristol last week to WebDevConf. Jigowatt are dedicated to making sure our employees are always sourced with inspiration and the chance to learn something new and WebDevConf certainly provided that! They’ve come back buzzing with new ideas and enthusiasm […]

Front End Designer/Developer Wanted, Could it be You?

Jigowatt is a vibrant, digital agency based in Peterborough. We’re passionate about creating great experiences online, specialising in making awesome (mobile friendly) WordPress websites. We’re currently looking for a creative, self-motivator who has a keen eye for detail and appreciation of great design, Ideally with front-end development and e-commerce knowledge to work across both Jigowatt […]

We’re Hiring – Experienced and Talented PHP/WordPress Developer

Jigowatt is a vibrant, creative digital agency based in the UK. We’re passionate about creating great experiences online, specialising in making awesome (mobile friendly) WordPress websites and plug-ins. We’re currently looking for an in-house, talented PHP/MySQL Developer at mid/senior level, ideally with extensive eCommerce experience to work across both Jigowatt and Jigoshop businesses. We’re obsessed with quality, so are […]

“If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

For those familiar with our taste in films, you’ll understand why every new visual created at Jigowatt HQ will now be adorned with some new sample text. Take a look at this The Back To The Future Lorem Ipsum Generator is a jQuery plugin that generates sample text using the actual BTTF scripts. Genius. […]