The festive countdown begins!

One thing we’ve learnt over our 10 years in business is how crucial planning is if you want something to go smoothly. Just as important is getting the right tools in place for the right people. December is shaping up to be super busy and we’re all ready for the first of the month and […]

Email Authentication

We’ve been creating email newsletters for many years now, they’re a great way of getting targeted business information or promotions out to the customers of your choice. Recently ’email authentication’ has become extremely important when sending out newsletters. Having your emails authenticated means that the email the customer is receiving is actually coming from your […]

Introducing our new hosting packages

Over the years our customers have needed many different levels of hosting. From small blogs to enterprise level businesses we’ve done it all. Recently we discussed how we could refine our hosting packages and offer the best service possible whilst still being competitive. Basic Hosting Our basic hosting package is only £20* per month, this […]

Gateway3D Product Designer V5.6.9 Released

The Gateway3D Product Designer plugin has become increasing popular in recent months as Custom Gateway continue to improve their product customisation system. Of course we continue to update the plugin alongside their developments. Recently we’re happy to announce we’ve implemented dynamic pricing. Previously you were restricted to products having a set price, you are now […]

PHP Login & User Management – Latest Release & New Features

PHP Login & User Management

Over the past few years we’ve seen an overwhelming demand for our previously trending script PHP Login & User Management and we’re happy to announce we’ve just updated it with some exciting new features. First of all we’ve implemented Two Factor Authentication with the Twilio framework, a much requested feature from the community. This will […]

The impact purchased themes have on Google page speed

Recently a client approached us to improve their Google page speed score, on a theme that they had purchased. Of course we wanted to help them, so we began our investigation into what we could to do improve the score based on Google’s recommendations. We did the standard things that you’d usually do, compress images, […]

Custom Themes vs Off-The-Shelf Themes?

Since 2008, we’ve invested heavily into WordPress, in fact we built our very first website using WordPress. Over the years we’ve seen the rise of themes for sale on marketplaces such as Envato’s Theme Forest. Most themes aren’t that expensive and they are often designed to have multiple purposes. You can use the same theme […]

Major security changes with Google Chrome coming 6th June 2017

As we enter June, we get ready for some big changes for website security. Recent browser changes have resulted in more than 60% of all UK websites presenting as NOT SECURE. With the imminent release of Chrome V59 Browser, Google are making even more changes to their security system which clearly marks sites as “INSECURE” in the […]

Jigowatt attends VR Workshop

On Thursday last week the team here at Jigowatt all attended the Rise Labs Virtual Reality Experience Workshop. The day was split into two parts, the morning consisting of the business and commercial impact of VR and the afternoon focused on the social and entertainment purposes. The day started with a talk from the MD […]

Past, Present, Future

Later this year we come up to the 27th birthday of the internet being publicly available, all thanks to Tim Berners-Lee. As we recently travelled through time on Andy’s 50th we thought we’d have a look at how one of the world’s biggest website’s has changed. Whilst it was in 1991 the public first got […]