I’ve got a little itch, down there. Would you mind?

The Jigowatt team were given the red carpet treatment as we entered the world famous Casino Royale, Montenegro yesterday. As undercover MI6 agents we were briefed for our mission that took us across the globe. Villains, poker games, flames and a glorious selection of Aston Martins filled the evening at our annual ’Secret Cinema’ immersive […]

Site Launch: EV-R

Last week we launched the new website for EV-R. As part of the FJ Chalke group, they customise trucks and vans based on your requirements. Having only established in 2018 we were delighted to get a chance to build their very first website. Why not have a look at the website yourself? EV-R

Can you spot the mistake?

Here at Jigowatt, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. So much so, we spot mistakes all over the place. We work remotely for the majority of the week, but our weekly “office day” has become a bit of an amusing source of OCD overload. There’s a ceramic work of art on our office […]

Site Launch: Your Italian Wedding Planner

A few weeks ago Carolina approached us for a website for her new business, Your Italian Wedding Planner. Already having some beautiful photos, stunning videos and a fantastic logo we were able to start immediately. We’re extremely proud of the website and if you want to find out more you can read our case study.

Site Launch: Tengosedeti

Recently we launched a redesign of Tengoseddeti, one of our oldest sites. It’s made the site look much fresher and much easier to navigate. Look forward to our case study soon.

Post on the Go with WordPress for Mobile

We love WordPress, because it powers the sites that we build for our clients. We know that part of the joy of owning your Custom WordPress Site is keeping it updated with fresh, engaging content to build a discussion with your visitors. You can create content from the full WordPress Dashboard on your web browser […]

Success speaks for itself

One of the most rewarding things about what we do for a living is to know that we have helped small businesses become successful. We’ve taken a little trip down memory lane to see just how some of these customers’ lives have been transformed. Online Ceramics Owner Peter Ward began his venture into the world […]

Are you a PHP Developer?

Jigowatt have been selling scripts on CodeCanyon (part of Envato group) for over 10 years and we have acclaimed ‘Elite Author’ status. We therefore need someone who can maintain our high level of service and code quality. We’re looking for an experienced PHP Developer to provide ongoing support and also maintain and improve (at least) […]

Site Launch: Success for All

We’re happy to announce the launch of the redesigned Success for All website. Success for All are a local business that help schools in a variety of different ways, why not have a look at their new site to find out more about them. We’ll be explaining more about the process that went into the […]

Site Launch: Speciall Media

Last week we got to launch the brand new redesign for Speciall Media, previously known as Penmaen Media. It was great fun to bring the site up to date after knowing Carolyn for so long. Look forward to our project write up soon.