Past, Present, Future

Later this year we come up to the 27th birthday of the internet being publicly available, all thanks to Tim Berners-Lee. As we recently travelled through time on Andy’s 50th we thought we’d have a look at how one of the world’s biggest website’s has changed. Whilst it was in 1991 the public first got […]

Taxi for Donovan!

Andy hitting the half century was a milestone not to be missed by the team here at Jigowatt. Those of you who work with us will know that our creativity, attention to detail and passion for doing a job to the best of our ability – means that we do not enter into things lightly. […]

Site Launch: Online Ceramics 2017

It’s been eight years since we first built a website for Online Ceramics, that website was an integral part of the transformation of their small start-up becoming a thriving global business. This year we’ve taken it to the next level and launched a brand new responsive website for the mobile first age. We’ve redesigned the […]

Don’t forget your printed marketing material?

These days, we tend to focus on our online presence, our search rankings and how many likes our FB page gets. Making sure the printed material that supports your business reflects the same message may seem irrelevant but it’s important to the overall perception to your customers. Think for a minute how many of these […]

WordPress eCommerce Plugin Comparison

In the past few years we’ve seen websites like Etsy, Big Cartel, Cafe Press and Red Bubble explode in popularity allowing small independent craft makers to sell their products. But in this day and age it’s easier than ever to start up your own e-commerce store and sell products without the restrictions of just a […]

7 WordPress Security Tips & Tricks

WordPress currently occupies 27% of all websites online, that’s around 15,000,000 websites and because of this it’s open to malicious scripts that try to cause problems for you. But don’t let this scare you, if you follow our 7 security tips you’ll minimize the risk of being at mercy of a hack. 1. Keep WordPress […]

Shine Balloon Race

Jigowatt are proud to again support Shine’s Newborn Babies Balloon Race on 6th March 2017. The aim of the race is to raise funds to support the families of babies recently born with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus. We regularly sponsor Shine in their amazing work providing specialist support from before birth and throughout life for […]

Glossary of terms

If you feel a little daunted by some of the terms used when creating and managing your website we’ve created a quick reference guide for you. Whether you’re a builder just looking to have some online presence so people can contact you or an artist trying to sell prints online we hope our glossary will […]

Bloated? Need to get in shape quick?

We have a 5-Step plan to get your website fit for 2017 Over the Christmas period everybody indulges a little too much, so we all start January trying to get fit again. Your website also performs better in greater shape so why treat it differently? We’ve complied a 5-step plan to help your website get […]

The Importance of Social Media

In years past social media was just a way to keep in contact with your friends and share the occasional cat meme, but these social platforms have swiftly become marketing giants, allowing businesses to easily share content and sell services to an almost endless audience. If your business doesn’t have social media or actively use […]