Glossary of terms

If you feel a little daunted by some of the terms used when creating and managing your website we’ve created a quick reference guide for you. Whether you’re a builder just looking to have some online presence so people can contact you or an artist trying to sell prints online we hope our glossary will […]

Bloated? Need to get in shape quick?

We have a 5-Step plan to get your website fit for 2017 Over the Christmas period everybody indulges a little too much, so we all start January trying to get fit again. Your website also performs better in greater shape so why treat it differently? We’ve complied a 5-step plan to help your website get […]

The Importance of Social Media

In years past social media was just a way to keep in contact with your friends and share the occasional cat meme, but these social platforms have swiftly become marketing giants, allowing businesses to easily share content and sell services to an almost endless audience. If your business doesn’t have social media or actively use […]

Jigowatt Christmas Open Hours

The Jigowatt team’s tyres have been smoking all year as we’ve had the busiest 12 months in our 9 year history and we’re not likely to be slowing down in the run up to Christmas. Time circuits have been set and we’re departing for the Christmas break on Friday 23rd December. The DeLorean will bring […]

Speed your site up

We’ve previously discussed how a slow loading WordPress website can be disastrous for users. But how do you go about fixing it? Recently we’ve made some changes to our own site to make sure it’s running as sweet as a DeLorean at 88mph so we thought we’d share what we did so you can do […]

We’ve been back in time!

It took just 4.0 Jigowatts to travel back to the year 1888 on Saturday in an attempt to recover a secret and bring it back to the future. The space-time continuum was not disrupted however as the allotted 60 minutes was just short of what we needed to crack the last code. Doc Brown’s job […]

We’re 9 today!

Happy Birthday to us. When you reach 9 years old as a child you know how to behave, what’s good and not so good, you’ve made some really good friends, you know what you’re good at – and of course have loads of fun doing it. And now we’ve reached 9 nine years in business […]

The Power Of Online Reviews & Testimonials

Trust is a valuable commodity when marketing your business, which is why successful businesses harness the power of online reviews & testimonials. Online, anyone can set up a website selling a product or a service from anywhere in the world. The challenge is building trust with your audience and showcasing that you are genuine and […]

An Easy Way To Update Your WordPress Plugins

The smooth running and security of your website can be improved if you keep your version of WordPress and all plugins installed on your site updated. Despite the reminders you get from your site there’s always something else to do that gets priority, the weeks tick by and then you notice a few things not […]

7 Tips For Creating An Effective Email Newsletter

An effective email newsletter is a powerful tool in your marketing armoury. It is an opportunity to communicate with existing and potential customers on a regular basis to build trust and share your story. The average person receives 121 emails a day meaning there is a lot of competition for the attention of a user […]