Google Gets Serious About Mobile Traffic

Jigowatt has been building responsive sites for a while now, and we’ve blogged about it before: Many UK Businesses Still Not Mobile Friendly Why Mobile Optimisation Matters For Your Business Website Mobile Optimised Website Usage The more access people have to cheaper portable devices, the more the internet will be used in this way. Couple this […]

Ultimate PHP, HTML5 & Ajax Contact Form
(Bootstrap Edition)

One of our most popular CodeCanyon products just got a big brother. After the successful release and reception of our Ultimate PHP, HTML5 & Ajax Contact Form, and repeated requests to add Bootstrap support, we’re releasing our “Bootstrap Edition” of the product. Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, […]

Our Global Reach

Established in 2008 when WordPress was just 5 years old and mainly used as a blogging platform, Jigowatt could see the potential of the platform as a full blown content management system that would allow clients full control of their websites. Today it dominates the internet powering over 25% of all websites worldwide.As a business […]

Warning for sites without an SSL Certificate

Confirmed within the last few days, Google Chrome have said that (from January 2017) they will start to flag some sites as “Not Secure” if they do not hold a current SSL Certificate. Their first step will be to highlight sites that transmit passwords or credit card details (HTTP sites). All other sites are next […]

8 Years of Envato

Today we celebrate our 8th anniversary of being an author with Envato.Since the dawn of Jigowatt we’ve not solely been building websites. We love all things code so its only natural that we built and designed products to be sold on CodeCanyon, ThemeForest and GraphicRiver. Envato is the perfect marketplace to capitalise on our WordPress […]

3 Monthly SEO Checks To Improve Your Site Ranking

Whether you are a large multi-national or a small local business, SEO is an ongoing process that needs to be regularly reviewed to get the best results. For small businesses finding the time to get SEO right can be a challenge. To save you time and keep you focussed here are 3 monthly SEO checks […]

3 Ways Cheap Web Design Could Be Killing Your Business

Whilst every business needs to keep control of costs cheap web design can be a false economy. There are few businesses that would not acknowledge the value of having a business website. Yet there is a huge difference between budget sites that offer an internet brochure, and a strategically designed site tailored to the functionality […]

Three Potential Measures Of Business Website Success

Building and maintaining a business website is an important ongoing investment. Therefore, it is important to regularly monitor its success to maximise the return that your website is delivering and determine how it is contributing to the overall health of your business. How you define business success will depend on the nature of your business […]

The Importance of Images & Videos on your Website

Including high quality photographs and videos within your website is becoming increasingly important in a transient digital age. Photography and video on your website form part of your brand identity and are a quick way of communicating your message and values to potential customers. With more than half the visitors of a typical business website […]