Why Web Design For Businesses Is Harder Than It Looks

Low start up costs for freelancers and the growth in demand for websites has created an industry in which cost and quality vary wildly.  Fuelled by high profile advertising campaigns, there is a misconception that building a business website is simple, and that anyone can do it for pennies. The truth is that building a […]

3 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog

A blog is an essential feature of a modern business website. A regularly updated blog can have a number of powerful benefits to your business, especially when utilised as part of an overall content marketing strategy. Drive Social Media Traffic To Your Website Blogs should be written so that they have an appeal to your […]

“My sales increased by 25% in less than a year!”

If ever you needed proof that a responsive site can improve your business you need to read this. Here is business owner Richard Frost’s account of how Jigowatt not only helped to design a beautiful, fully responsive new site, but one that is easy to update and ticked off all the features on his wishlist. […]

Open Source v Custom or Proprietary CMS

When building a business website, once you have defined what you are trying to achieve, one of the first and most important decisions you will have to make is which Content Management System (CMS) you will use. Deciding which CMS to use to build your website on is vital: this decision affects every aspect of […]

Many UK Businesses Still Not Mobile Friendly

Web design is continuously evolving to adapt to the latest consumer trends and technological advances. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – particularly the method by which Google determines the search ranking of a site – has a huge influence on web design best practices. Last year, Google made a significant alteration to their search algorithm to […]

Keeping Your WordPress Website Up To Date

If your business is running a website using WordPress, then it is important to keep on top of the latest WordPress version and plugin updates. Keeping your WordPress website up to date is important, because it impacts on the security and performance of your website, whilst also ensuring that your website and the plugins used […]

The importance of WordPress Version & Plugin Updates

83% of hacked WordPress sites are hacked because they aren’t kept up to date. This statistic alone should tell you how important it is to keep on top of your WordPress version & plugins. WordPress will automatically download & install hot fixes for small updates, which are numbered as sub updates to major version releases. […]

Why use WordPress? A platform comparison

The Staggering Popularity Of WordPress WordPress is the most popular platform for business websites in the world. Companies large and small use it to build and manage their websites and content. WordPress was originally built as an open source blogging platform, however it has evolved to be a powerful engine that is driving millions of […]

Christmas Party: Driving to Milton Keynes… then walking in the air!

Before midnight yesterday, the Jigowatt team came to life and took to the skies for the christmas party. Soaring above the breeze we gasped at the wondrous sights below us. It was magical. We were guided by a figure who knew the journey well, he held our handles until we saw the shining lights and […]

A piece of cake!

Proof if needed that if you do a great job first time round, customers nearly always come back for more. Having created a logo, identity and website over 5.5 years ago Sam at Blogtrottr recently asked us to help promote the new ‘no ads’ feature on the site. Working with our 2010 style (still as […]