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Cambridge Web Developer: Choosing A Domain Name

Cambridge web developer is the best individual to turn for advice when it comes to your website and what you want it to do. But before you even start, there are decisions to be made. What domain name should you have? Should you choose .com or Which is best?

The UK has a wide range of choice when it comes to our web addresses, or URLs as they are known. And although your web design Cambridgeshire company will have many ideas revolving around the content and look of your site, some decisions are all about you. The .com and extensions are the most popular in the UK. There are others including .net, .org, and a variety of others that are more niche (.london is one example), but it seems as though and .com are the most memorable, and therefore should be where you start. Of the two, which is the best to use? To some extent, it depends on what you are selling and where you are selling it to. If you want to be a global brand and sell all across the world then .com says just that. It is easily recognisable and immediately says that you are not solely based in the UK. However, if the UK is your target market – perhaps you are a consultant and only wish to travel through the UK, for example – then will be more apt. It tells people that you are more UK based than anything else. You could even have both – see your web developer Cambridge for details.

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