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Cambridge Web Developers: Can Offsite Reviews Help Your Business?

Cambridge web developers are there to help your website attract increasing numbers of visitors. The design of your website is all about enticing more people to your site, and hopefully generating sales from that. The more reviews from past customers you can get to help you, the better. But what are offsite reviews?

When looking at web design Cambridgeshire, offsite reviews can often be overlooked. However, your web developer Cambridge should be able to add a review facility to your website to offer those who have had good service from you to write something positive about it. Reviews and testimonials like this allow other people to see exactly how you work and how good you are. But offsite reviews (reviews that are left online somewhere other than your website) are just as important; perhaps more so. They could even be the first thing that someone looks for before going to your website. Gathering positive reviews from independent sources can result in visitors being more confident in what you do. These reviews are useful for SEO purposes too. Google has a special search algorithm that gives preference to local searches. That means that if someone searches for a product or service in a particular area, it is usually the review pages that come up first. You need to make sure that your reviews are good. Third party reviews are a great way to add to your credibility – sites such as TripAdvisor or Yelp are great ones to look into. Finally, it is important to remind your customers to leave reviews whenever possible.

Cambridge web developers have a huge responsibility when it comes to ensuring that your website is as good as it can be. Jigowatt Ltd takes that responsibility extremely seriously, and we invite you to find out more on our informative website: To speak to the team, please call on 01733 267775.