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Cambridge Web Development: Should You Have A Contact Form Or An Email Address?

Cambridge web development is about making sure your website is the best it can be. It must be exceptionally good in general to attract and retain visitors’ interest and business. It should look professional, perform as expected and be easy to navigate. You and your designer should discuss your requirements.

When you first contact your chosen web developer Cambridge, you will need to have a discussion about what should be included on your website, and what you don’t want. Your input is essential when creating a website, as it needs to reflect some of your personality. Something that is too corporate and formal, for instance, may not persuade people to use your services or buy your products. When deciding on the many web design Cambridgeshire options, one question you will need to answer is whether you want a contact form or simply your email address on your site for queries. A contact form is handy as it will keep those who choose to complete it on your site for longer. This is good in terms of search engine rankings. Not only that, but once the form is completed, users can continue to browse your site as they have not had to leave it or open a new page to send an email. If there is no form, the visitor will need to open their email account, which may result in them leaving your site and not returning after their action is complete. On the other hand, many people prefer to use email as it feels more personal, and it gives them more confidence that the message will get through rather than getting lost somewhere in cyberspace. The decision is ultimately yours to make.

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