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Cambridge Webdesign: Do The Colours Your Choose For Your Website Matter?

Cambridge webdesign should be used to make your website look attractive and professional. It should ensure that people want to visit it and that they are keen to come back – and will also tell others about your site. But do the colours you choose make a difference to the impression your site makes?

Colour does play an important part in web design Cambridgeshire and beyond. There are many psychological aspects to colour that can change how someone sees something, or how they feel about certain hues. Colours on your website should not be taken lightly. Obviously, they do need to be appealing otherwise no one will want to click further onto your website. Likewise, they need to complement your brand colours too. Something that is too bright, too dark or that clashes will only push visitors away. A web developer Cambridge based should be able to help you select exactly the colour you want. Listen, for instance, to what the scientists say about the colours that entice people to buy. Yellow grabs the attention and is a great way to make an impression. Don’t use too much of it though, as that’s more likely to turn people off. Green is a calming colour that relaxes people, but it is also strongly reminiscent of money, which can make people feel your products are expensive. Blue is better for the budget conscious. It gives the impression of being trustworthy and secure. If you want people to buy impulsively, try red! Whatever colour you are thinking of choosing, think about what it might make someone feel before you commit.

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