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Cambridge Wordpress Developer: Should You Use A Visitor Counter?

Cambridge Wordpress developer skills are many and varied, and that is one of the most exciting parts of hiring a professional website designer. They think of things that you might not have considered, making your website really stand out. They can also tell you what might not work – and that could include a visitor counter.

Visitor counters (also known as page counters) have been a popular part of website design for a long time now. They would be placed on home pages, and would let everyone known how many people had been to the site. New ways of thinking regarding web design Cambridgeshire, however, show that visitor counters are mostly unnecessary. They could even be detrimental to your business. There are different types of page counter. Some simply give you the basic information about how many people have visited the page, and others show you more. This could include where they came from, and what page they left from. Although this information might be useful, the biggest problem with page counters is that they are visible. If the numbers are low and everyone can see that, then it might put people off using your website and company altogether. It could be that you have only just started, or that you haven’t begun any marketing as yet, but the reason is unimportant – the numbers are what people see. And what if your competition is looking at your page? You definitely don’t want them to see your figures, especially if they are fairly low. Ask your web developer Cambridge for metrics from behind the scenes if you need it instead.

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