Success For All

Success for All prides itself on delivering an evidence-based school improvement strategy to schools within the Cambridgeshire area. Having over thirty years of proven results in helping children of all abilities learn to read and write. They approached us to redesign their website and design some icons for their core programmes.


We began with the icons first, this is to make sure we could design the site with the same style in mind. Ellis, our in-house designer was tasked with this and asked to show growth in a simple way.

Whilst we did go through several versions of the icons we settled on these:

Success for all services

Originating as a simple shape for the earliest stage of development and getting more elaborate as the development reflects this.

The basic shapes used are also regularly used in the early stages of education. We decided to use varying shades of their blue branding for each layer and also overlaid the same core shape over the top but enlarged to add interest. With these approved, we could move onto the design of the new website.

Website Design

Our vision for the new website was clear from the start, make something that was visually appealing whilst being easy to navigate and easy to read.

As SFA pride themselves on being an evidenced-based business we decided to make their statistics the first thing you saw when you land on the website. When you scroll down the page you naturally get introduced to their key components with our new icons. Following this, we pull in some outstanding testimonials and logos of the clients they’ve worked with. At the bottom of the page, we highlight the faq section, a get in touch and the latest news.

To help re-enforce the newsletter we included this at the bottom of every page on the website, making sure no matter how you end up on the site you get a chance to signup. This also applies to the testimonials, Success for All is so proud of the work they’ve done they wanted to make sure there was always a chance to potential clients to read about the experience other schools have had with them.

Previously their website was heavily text driven, we wanted to give it more visual flair. You may notice we subtly added a background effect which blends the white and blue backgrounds together, this also reflects the swoosh included in the logo. Including photography was key too, so we made sure that the title of the page either included a photo or illustration.

Homepage Before
Homepage After
By far the most import content on the website belongs to the programmes, these are what their clients will be signing up for. We decided that it was best for people to receive a basic overview of what the program would include at the top of the page, followed on by the main content. At the bottom of the page, we included a table of what is included as well.
Programmes Before
Programmes After

Performance Improvements

Administering a GT Metrix report on the original website came back with:



Appears Within: 4.3 seconds
Total Page Size: 861KB



Appears Within: 3.8 seconds
Total Page Size: 1.16MB

Whilst it may not seem great at glance we are reducing the page speed whilst having a larger page due to a more visual experience rather than a text-heavy one.

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