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Design Agencies Cambridge: Don’t Make Your Visitors Work For Information

Design agencies Cambridge located are there to help you create the ultimate website for your business. The better the website, the more money it will help you to make, so it is an essential part of your marketing. One important thing to remember is to keep it simple – don’t make your visitors work too hard.

When people come to a website, most of the time they know what they want, at least in part. Web design Cambridgeshire wide needs to reflect that. There is no point in making things difficult for your visitors who are there because they want to know more about you, or to purchase something from you. If your Cambridgeshire web design is too complicated, then they will often go elsewhere. Don’t use crazy designs that hide menus in strange places, for example, or make them almost invisible. This will not help you to guide people to the pages you want them to see. If you are aiming to sell online, then you need your website to reflect that, and make the shop the main focus. If you prefer to sell face to face or you have a bricks and mortar shop, then again make it clear how this can be found. It’s imperative that you don’t confuse your visitors – always let them know what you do and how you do it. No one wants to go to a website and spend 30 seconds or more searching for the information they need or the page they want. And they won’t want to click through a number of pages either. Keep menus focused and user-friendly.

Design agencies Cambridge will be able to advise you on the best use of your budget. Jigowatt Ltd offers a number of different design options, and we can discuss them with you on 01733 267775. Alternatively, why not check out our website at for further details of what we can do for you?