Environment Workflow

DO NOT edit code directly on the Staging or Production environments!

Every project must follow the environment workflow, passing through three environments: Local > Staging > Production.

This helps make sure that no buggy code makes it’s way onto the Production environment (live site).


Any active development should be carried out on your machine first!

Active development is considered to be the following:

  1. WordPress Core upgrades
  2. Plugin installs/upgrades
  3. Theme installs/upgrades
  4. .htaccess file changes

This should be any work carried out on feature or hotfix branches in the project’s Git repo.


This should be a duplicate of the live site for clients to test and approve changes.

This environment should be accessible on beta.SITENAME.com.

Only code considered “production ready” should make it here.

This environment should match the code in the development branch in the project’s Git repo.


Changes on this environment MUST have passed through the previous two environments.

Only stable code with no critical bugs should appear on this environment.

This environment should match the code in the master branch in the project’s Git repository.

For more information about which Git branches to use, please view the Git Workflow page.