Can you spot the mistake?

Here at Jigowatt, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. So much so, we spot mistakes all over the place.

We work remotely for the majority of the week, but our weekly “office day” has become a bit of an amusing source of OCD overload.

There’s a ceramic work of art on our office wall, and there’s a mistake on it which drove one of our team mad enough to print off a photo of the mistake and fix it with paper and blu-tack…

…but can you see the mistake (we’ve removed the paper fix for now)

Written by Matt Kersley Senior Webbie

Matt is our go-to all-rounder; from design and development, to server admin and project management. With over fifteen years experience working on websites for organisations like Expedia, Virgin, Egmont, Autogas and a myriad of smaller companies, Matt brings a wealth of experience and skills.

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