Christmas Party: Driving to Milton Keynes… then walking in the air!

Before midnight yesterday, the Jigowatt team came to life and took to the skies for the christmas party. Soaring above the breeze we gasped at the wondrous sights below us. It was magical.

We were guided by a figure who knew the journey well, he held our handles until we saw the shining lights and our time in this place was over.

All we could do was watch the ice melt (in our cocktails) and wonder if it had all been a dream…

Luke (left) and Matt (right) at AirKix for team christmas party

Written by Matt Kersley Senior Webbie

Matt is our go-to all-rounder; from design and development, to server admin and project management. With over fifteen years experience working on websites for organisations like Expedia, Virgin, Egmont, Autogas and a myriad of smaller companies, Matt brings a wealth of experience and skills.

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