Don’t forget your printed marketing material?

These days, we tend to focus on our online presence, our search rankings and how many likes our FB page gets. Making sure the printed material that supports your business reflects the same message may seem irrelevant but it’s important to the overall perception to your customers.

Think for a minute how many of these do you use regularly:

Letterheads, business cards, compliment slips, brochures, trade advertisements, posters, signage, point-of-sale, catalogues, consumer advertising, vehicle livery, packaging, staff uniforms, carrier bags, leaflets, press releases…

There’s quite a lot isn’t there?  If you’ve invested in a new website (or are about to) consider how many of these have your up-to-date logo, colours, current message and contact details. Print is still an effective method for your marketing and for many of your customers it may be the only thing they see. This material builds your reputation and credibility so justifies a part of your marketing budget as well as the online activity.

Jigowatt’s roots are in design for print. From logo design and branding, advertising campaigns for Honda motorcycles and Volvo to huge catalogues and POS – we have extensive experience at every level.

And of course having the same team manage your on and offline design saves you time by minimising the points of contact and ensures consistency in your message and style.

We can help with not just the layouts but new concepts, photography, copywriting, print buying and delivery. Experience backed up by happy customers and award-winning designs.

Contact us to talk through how we can help.

Written by Sandra Morrison Director

A founder member of Jigowatt, and previous creative team manager within publishing giant Bauer, Sandra brings experience and skills on many levels. Turning her hand to anything from project management, concepts and copywriting to all things financial, admin and tea-making.

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