The Gateway3D Product Designer plugin has become increasing popular in recent months as Custom Gateway continue to improve their product customisation system. Of course we continue to update the plugin alongside their developments.

Recently we’re happy to announce we’ve implemented dynamic pricing. Previously you were restricted to products having a set price, you are now able to adjust the price based on what the user selects in the frame. This is done using Woo attributes, which can be a variety of things such as number of print areas, text areas, image areas, effects, colours etc. They are then added to the order as meta data and appear on the product in the cart, email and order.

We’ve also recently fixed an issue with the way the iFrame detects SSL’s, regardless of what is set in the settings. If you’re running a HTTPS site, which you should be to improve your Google ranking you don’t need to worry about having to change anything to allow the iFrame to appear correctly.

As we continue to develop the plugin we want to know what you want the plugin to be able to do so we can work with Custom Gateway on improving the plugin and their system.

If you haven’t already purchased the plugin, you can do here.

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