Great White! Great Scott!

Today we came close to recreating a scene from one of our favourite movies Back To The Future II.


Luke’s new toys – a PS4 VR headset + recently released game The Deep – gave Andy an immersive experience scarier than any client deadline.



Looking a dead ringer for Marty in his smart glasses Andy narrowly dodged the 3D shark attack just like in the Hill Valley Town Hall Square scene.

Virtual reality soon came back to actual reality with a multi-national Skype call then screenshare customer training.

Maybe we’re closer to Luke’s VR world than we thought!

Written by Sandra Morrison Director

A founder member of Jigowatt, and previous creative team manager within publishing giant Bauer, Sandra brings experience and skills on many levels. Turning her hand to anything from project management, concepts and copywriting to all things financial, admin and tea-making.

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