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Introducing our new hosting packages

Posted 7 years ago


Over the years our customers have needed many different levels of hosting. From small blogs to enterprise level businesses we’ve done it all. Recently we discussed how we could refine our hosting packages and offer the best service possible whilst still being competitive.

Basic Hosting

Our basic hosting package is only £20* per month, this is ideal for small sites that don’t see large volumes of traffic.

Examples of some of the sites on our basic hosting:

Your site will be on cloud hosting which allows up to 5GB of bandwidth per month and includes free email hosting. Bundled in also is our basic care package, which means we’ll update WordPress and the plugins used on your site once a year. We’ll also provide 1 hour of free support**.

Gold Hosting

Our gold hosting package is a competitive £49* per month. Ideal for larger sites with a fair amount of traffic that require a little extra power or for eCommerce sites.

Examples of some of the sites on our gold hosting:

We host these sites on a shared VPS server, which allows up to 20GB of bandwidth per month. It offers 20GB of disc space too, unlimited email accounts, email support and email hosting. Also included is an enhanced care package, we’ll update WordPress and plugins twice a year, provide 2 hours of free support, perform an annual security audit, daily malware scans, monthly Google Analytics reports and you benefit from 1 hour* response times**.

Platinum Hosting

Our platinum hosting package is £79* per month, this is tailored for sites with lots of traffic or larger eCommerce sites.

Examples of some of the sites on our platinum hosting:

We host platinum level sites on a shared VPS server, with an allowance of up to 100GB of bandwidth per month, offering 40GB of disc space. Email support, email hosting and unlimited email accounts are included too of course. This level of care package will cover you for quarterly WordPress and plugin updates, 4 hours of free support, bi-annual security audits, monthly Google Analytics reports, daily malware scans, an SSL certificate and 1 hour** response times.

Plutonium Hosting

Our superior plutonium hosting ramps things up to 88mph. Costing £199* per month yet rammed with features and benefits for the smooth running of your business. It is specifically targeted at our largest sites that see major traffic.

Each website that has our plutonium hosting has its own dedicated VPS*** which boasts 6x Xeon Cores. It allows for 1.6TB of bandwidth per month as well as a whopping 120GB of disc space. We continue to offer email hosting, email support and unlimited email accounts. We also have the best version of the care package available bundled in which offers monthly WordPress and plugin updates, 6 hours free support per year, monthly security audits and Google Analytic reports, daily malware scans, an SSL certificate and emergency 1 hour response times**.

If you do need more power than this, be sure to get in touch so we can help find the right solution for you. But no matter what hosting package you choose, your site will be well managed with tried and tested security features.

*Prices exclude VAT
**Within business hours
***12 month minimum contract

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