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Mobile Optimised Website Usage

Posted 9 years ago


More and more internet usage is ‘on the go’ nowadays, we all have access to cheaper data tariffs and Wi-Fi connections, not to mention the plethora of mobile devices to choose from, be it a tablet, mobile or even small laptops, we’re all now acutely aware of how much media and information everyone consumes whilst going about their daily routines.

It’s no wonder that more and more website owners are having to ensure their websites are up to date and functioning correctly on as many devices as possible, none of us can afford to loose business simply because our site isn’t a mobile optimised website and an important potential customer is viewing it ‘on the go’.

We’ve found some interesting stats that you may, or may not be aware off:

61% of adults use the Internet on the go*


33.3% of web traffic in the UK is via ‘mobile’*


When was the last time you checked your own website, compared to your competitors, on a laptop, tablet and mobile, does yours look and function how you would like it too away from your standard desktop browser?  If the answer is no to any of these, then perhaps it’s time to consider updating things and catering for an ever growing and web-savvy audience. Jigowatt are always happy to have a no obligation discussion that could see your website performing at it’s best regardless of how it’s being used and viewed. You never know, we might end up helping you redesign your site for a better mobile experience.

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