Over the past few years we’ve seen an overwhelming demand for our previously trending script PHP Login & User Management and we’re happy to announce we’ve just updated it with some exciting new features.

First of all we’ve implemented Two Factor Authentication with the Twilio framework, a much requested feature from the community. This will allow an extra layer of security for yourself and your users. We’ve also included BCRYPT, a new password hashing algorithm. This is now the default over MD5 and SHA256 as it’s a much more secure algorithm.

We’ve also updated Bootstrap, jQuery, Select2 and Hybridauth allowing us and yourselves to take advantage of all their features.

Finally we’ve fixed the Google+ integration and a few issues with the Facebook login that users reported to us.

With sales fast approaching 4500 and just a couple of notches away from 100% 5 Star ratings this continues to be a popular and essential addition to any developer’s toolbox. If there is any feature you’d like to see included in the script please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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