Some things never change

Take a look at these 2 photos. Yes you can see good looks, great curves and a timeless quality of character.


Sorry Andy but it’s the car we’re talking about.

Back in 1990 when director Andy Donovan was (surely) just old enough to get his driving license he owned this lovely 1966 VW Beetle. He obviously had an eye even then for great style and future-proof design when he spent £650 on this little beauty. His dream ending a few years later only because a child carseat wouldn’t fit in the back for his son Ellis (no seat belts) and the Beetle regretfully had to be sold.

Now 20 years on, with car seats no longer an issue, Andy can re-live his dream. “I’ve never felt so emotional about buying a car” he says as he relives his youth with this stunning 2.0TDi, again in Pure White with Classic Orbit wheels.

The new Beetle has a technical spec as long as some of our website project briefs – and it’s uncanny that both result in a fantastic user experience.

Nice one Andy.

Written by Luke Reid Webbie

Luke is an aspiring Front-End Developer who also enjoys WordPress theming. Luke is eager to expand his knowledge & take in as much code as possible.

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