Why use WordPress? A platform comparison

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The Staggering Popularity Of WordPress

WordPress is the most popular platform for business websites in the world. Companies large and small use it to build and manage their websites and content.

WordPress was originally built as an open source blogging platform, however it has evolved to be a powerful engine that is driving millions of businesses across the world.

This popularity is built on the ease of use and functionality available to web designers and business owners using WordPress.

WordPress has evolved from its blogging roots due to the fact that it is open source, which means that the code for the platform is open, allowing developers to modify, edit and develop it to meet the needs of their project.

Popular With Businesses Of All Sizes

Some of the large companies that have built websites using WordPress include Xerox, Ford, Marks & Spencer. In 2014 there were more than 74m active websites in the world built using WordPress and this has been growing rapidly.

This represents more than a quarter of all websites in the world and 58% of those built with a content management system (CMS)

Why Is WordPress Popular?

It’s Flexible – Using an open source platform allows for a wide range of functionality to be integrated into the platform, boosting creativity and innovation that goes well beyond a simple blog platform. This creates adaptability for businesses to changes in their business and the overall competitive environment.
It’s Easy To Use – The open source nature allows developers to create themes that can be easily updated by the end user. Non developers can create, publish, edit and delete content without the need to have a developer on staff 24/7.
It Allows Business To Grow – WordPress can be adapted to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes from start ups to multi-national companies.

Jigowatt and WordPress

At Jigowatt we use WordPress as our primary website development platform. We have built over 100 websites and designed plugins and themes that have been used by businesses and developers across the world.

Future of WordPress

WordPress continues to grow rapidly and increase it’s market share. We anticipate this will continue this year and beyond as the nature of the platform is design to adapt to a rapidly changing digital marketing landscape

Written by Luke Reid Webbie

Luke is an aspiring Front-End Developer who also enjoys WordPress theming. Luke is eager to expand his knowledge & take in as much code as possible.

Other people's views

  1. Do you use WordPress for all projects? I know it’s a great platform but static sites or even static CMS’ are also good depending on the client and job at hand.

    1. We use WordPress for almost all of our projects – we don’t often do very small sites, and often our clients require at least one bit of functionality which warrants a plugin or custom development anyway, so using WordPress speeds up our workflow.

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