We’re 9 today!


Happy Birthday to us.

When you reach 9 years old as a child you know how to behave, what’s good and not so good, you’ve made some really good friends, you know what you’re good at – and of course have loads of fun doing it.

And now we’ve reached 9 nine years in business that pretty much sums us up here at Jigowatt too.

OK we’re a little more grown up in certain areas, and we’ve learned some lessons along the way – but now Jigowatt has some great toys to play with and share with others and we don’t ask for too much pocket money either. So come and join in the fun.

… plus we still love cake.

Written by Sandra Morrison Director

A founder member of Jigowatt, and previous creative team manager within publishing giant Bauer, Sandra brings experience and skills on many levels. Turning her hand to anything from project management, concepts and copywriting to all things financial, admin and tea-making.

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