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What’s your favourite logo?

Posted 6 years ago


Some global brands have spent millions on the design and evolution of their logo.

Whilst our customers may not have the deep pockets of the likes of Apple, Coca-Cola, McDonalds or Facebook – their logos and brand identities should still be one of the most important aspects of their business.

Having worked across a wide variety of target audiences from children’s books to fork lift trucks we understand the importance of fonts, colours, style and icons and how they can say so much about your company.

Your current logo may just need a slight update (at a tiny fraction of the budgets mentioned earlier) or it may need more or a revamp to reflect the changing nature of your business. Take a look at just some of the examples we’ve worked on over the years – we’re really proud of them.

Of course, you’ll want to use your logo throughout your marketing. We can help you update your website, advertising and all on and offline material …….


It was a tough decision to pick just three so these are the ones I like today, for me good logos need to work on many levels… I think these do.


I could look at superbly designed logos all day. They never fail to make me smile.

My favourites tend to be simple with subtle imagery and typographic rule bending.



I’m a big fan of logos which make use of negative space to hide additional meaning or depict a theme or purpose in plain sight.


Being a gamer I’ve always found a alliance to Playstation ever since my brother was purchased a Playstation 1 for a Christmas present and I continue to support the brand proudly.

The F1 is something myself & my best friend have bonded over, I also love the use of negative space.

Finally this the Dirty Bird logo comes to mind whenever I’m asked about logos, always bringing a smile to my face.


Battersea: Pentagram designed this quite recently. Instead of having a single static logo this is a ‘logo system’ and acts as a graphical framework that can shift and change for different situations.

Charli XCX: I think I’m adding this just to avoid only featuring corporate logos but it’s a playful, clever and subtle logo, they’ve reused the C as the copyright mark which I love.

CDM: Another logo system, Sagmeister & Walsh built an application to generate new variations of the main graphic for different contexts – check out some of the examples in their portfolio:

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