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3 Monthly SEO Checks To Improve Your Site Ranking

Posted 8 years ago


Jigowatt SEO Whether you are a large multi-national or a small local business, search engine optimisation is an ongoing process that needs to be regularly reviewed to get the best results.

For small businesses finding the time to get SEO right can be a challenge. To save you time and keep you focussed here are 3 monthly SEO checks you can perform to improve your site ranking.

Test Your Site Load Speed

The speed at which your website loads is critical with visitors expecting a website to load within a couple of seconds. This is important from a customer experience and SEO perspective.

The customer experience is important as research suggests that a one second delay in loading a website can affect e-commerce conversions by up to 7%. If a site takes too long to load visitors will leave in frustration before viewing your website.

Google is aware of this and has made the speed in which a website loads a factor they use when generating search rankings.

Use the Google Page Speed tools to see how your site ranks

Check For Broken Links

Over time, changes to your website or content you link to can create broken links.

These can frustrate visitors and impact on your SEO ranking.
Broken links will affect the SEO of a site as it will affect the user experience of your site which Google considers a vital ranking factor.

Whilst 404 error pages can be modified to improve the customer experience, there is still a risk users will leave your site before getting the information they need.

To check your site for broken links you can use Google Webmaster Tools an essential analytical tool for your business.

Review Your Analytics

Checking your site analytics allows you to review the impact of your SEO on site visits to different pages.

Google Analytics will show how many site visitors are pulled to your site by search engines and what pages they visit.

Analytics will also show SEO ranking factors such as the number of page views per visit, the time spent on your site per visit and the bounce rate.

Google Search Console allows you to see which keywords are being used to find your business. Checking this monthly can help you identify where you should focus your SEO efforts for creating new content.

The team here at Jigowatt will happily talk you through these recommendations or for a small monthly charge we can check the stats and report back with our recommendations. Please contact us for more details on

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