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Why Building A Business Website Is Like Buying A Luxury Car

Posted 8 years ago


This is because how much a business website should cost is dependent on a number of different factors, including the quality and functionality required, and the platform being delivered on.

A good analogy for this is comparing your business website to a car: the decisions that determine what you drive are similar  to the decision of choosing a web designer for your website.

Older & Out Of Date

There are cars out in the market that are older, not compatible with modern technology, that are inefficient but cheaper than buying a new one.

This is like existing websites we see on the web that are not mobile responsive and/or have old ways of optimising the site for search engines. These sites may still work in a minimal way, but they are not getting the results that you should expect from this now essential tool.

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Low Cost New Cars

Then there are those that are at the lower end of the price scale which are new but are built by brands with a lesser reputation that may be cheap and popular: but this comes at a cost.

Although they are functioning cars, there are likely to be less features and functionality available and maintenance/repair costs may create a false sense of economy.

This can be compared to the website builder sites that offer inexpensive websites that look good on the service, but which may have limited scope for bespoke functionality. They may also tie the user into the service on a subscription basis costing a lot in the long run.

New Higher Marque Cars

Then there are the higher end cars, which cost more but are delivered at a higher quality. The platform is a higher quality but there are also additional features and functionality that can be added depending on the needs of the customer.

These are comparable to WordPress websites that are built by experienced designers; although driven by templates, the overall customer experience feels tailored to each user and additional functionality can be bolted on as required.

The Over-Powered Supercar

At the top end of the market there are the supercars, the high powered feature leaden icons that trade on reputation, exclusivity, and cost. They may look great, until you need to park in a multi-story car park or go food shopping.

This can be the case for companies that pay tens of thousands of pounds for expensive CMS solutions because they have heard they are the best and they can afford the huge ongoing fees.

For most businesses the overpowered supercar is a folly they can avoid by investing in a custom functionality WordPress site that delivers without the huge bills.

Fully Bespoke

Finally, you have the cars that are built almost from scratch, or that are highly bespoke. Built for a specific purpose beyond the current standards, these can include custom sports cars or off-road vehicles.

This is the equivalent of a website built on a bespoke theme: the base may be on WordPress but the workings are fully bespoke to the client’s specific requirements.

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