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Peterborough Design Agency: What Does ‘Under Construction’ Mean?

Peterborough design agency experts are the best way to ensure that your website looks good and works in the way it should. A website should be designed with your clients and customers in mind, because without them you would not have a business. Therefore, you need to think about what they want when they visit yours.

Something that most web owners won’t want their customers to see is an ‘under construction’ page on their website designed by their design agency Peterborough based. If someone who might want to buy from you is on your site and browsing, and they come across a page under construction rather than the information they actually wanted, they will be disappointed. They will probably head off elsewhere, to another site, rather than waste time hoping that yours will be finished soon. The under construction page is seen less and less these days, and that’s a good thing. It was a ‘holding page’, put up to show that the website wasn’t entirely complete. And when you think more about it, it is an unnecessary page these days. If your website is not ready for the public to view it, no matter how excited you are about it, then it should not go live. Your fabulous web design Peterborough or beyond should only come to the public’s attention when it is complete. If you rush the launch of your website, you may well alienate customers – you could lose credibility, and it will be hard to get it back. An unfinished website full of under construction pages and dead links is unprofessional.

Choose Jigowatt Ltd as your Peterborough design agency and you won’t be disappointed. We won’t leave you with an unfinished website – we will see your project through to the end. Take a look at our website at or call us on 01733 267775 for more information about our range of services.