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Peterborough Web Creation: What Should You Put On Your Personal Website?

Peterborough web creation is an intensive process that requires input from the website owner and skill from the web developer. It is a partnership between owner and creative that should result in a website that attracts people to it. It should also perform well in search engine rankings.

A personal website is a different concept to a business website in some respects. However, in others it is just the same, and good design agency Peterborough based will understand that. All websites are selling something in some way. With a personal website, you are usually selling yourself rather than a product or service, and this needs to be done in an interesting way. It should also be succinct and it should look good too. A short, snappy paragraph about who you are is much better than a long, rambling essay. As an example, many people create a website in order to find a job: potential employers don’t have a lot of time, and would rather read something short and to the point. You might also want to include a portfolio on the site. Whether it is painting, photography, writing, music or anything else, having a page where people can see exactly what you do is crucial. This can be set up during the initial page creation by a professional web design Peterborough based company. Social media links should also be included on a personal website, as you want more people to interact with you. Make a professional Facebook page to link to, as your personal one may not be suitable for everyone to see, especially if it is not usually public.

If you want a company that specialises in Peterborough web creation, you want Jigowatt Ltd. Take a look at our website,, to get an idea of what we do and how we do it. When you want to discuss more about creating your ideal personal or business website, please contact us on 01733 267775.