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Peterborough Web Hosting: Why Let Your Web Designer Provide It?

Peterborough web hosting is a service offered by many website design companies. Look online and your first impressions from your search results may be an overall indication that allowing a design agency this level of control is a terrible idea. But it is worth considering the benefits.

The main objection to allowing your design agency Peterborough based to offer hosting for your website is that you lose control over its daily management, updating of content and so on. The second most cited concern is that you as the business owner won’t know where the site is being hosted and what security is in place to ensure a stable, consistent performance. These two points are easily countered if you know the right questions to ask. Ensure, for instance, that a good content management system is in place when your website is designed. WordPress is excellent: it’s easy to use and your design agency can teach you and your staff the basics, so you’ll be able to freely update content without having to revert to – and pay for – their expertise. In terms of reliability, ask for evidence that measures have been taken to ensure your website is kept up and running – and what will be done if things do go wrong. These checks will give you peace of mind. So what are the advantages of your web design Peterborough team providing hosting? Simply put, it keeps everything in one place – your site files, your databases and so on – and offers ongoing support as and when you need it, all for one fixed monthly fee.

At Jigowatt Ltd, we have worked hard to address any concern you may have when it comes to us providing your Peterborough web hosting. Our servers are tried and tested, and we provide a range of additional services from increased layers of security to running updates on WordPress and the like. Contact us today for details via our secure website, or by phone on 01733 267775.