Asvhille Inc


Ashville Inc. are a high-end design contracting company working with home and business owners.

With a highly visual business, they required a Content Management System (CMS) that would allow them to manage their website content quickly and efficiently.

Jigowatt achieved this for Ashville Inc. using the WordPress CMS platform. This was chosen as it offers multiple user log in access for the client to upload content, as well as the ability to deliver the precise design they needed.

WordPress allows the combination of a visual marketing experience with a digital platform, keeping a focus on the visual, re-creating galleries, highlighting case studies and appealing to visitors to the site.

Custom Development

As Ashville Inc. is at the top end of the luxury homes market, the design has large sliding images for impact and a dual menu structure to ensure its clients can navigate the site easily. The website is mobile friendly and is optimised to run on all devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Bespoke Design

The design, using many visual navigation tools, required careful one-to-one planning and wire-framing before implementation. Jigowatt delivered training to Ashville Inc. on how to use their new website, and it took the team just two days to master.

The end result was a website that matched the visual and technical requirements of a high-end design agency, one that can be easily kept relevant and up to date in-house by the Ashville Inc. team.


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We loved working with Jigowatt, and find them very helpful, knowledgeable and responsive. Training went very well and we gained a good understanding of how to move forward independently. Jigowatt did not try to make things difficult so I would depend on them moving the site forward. The cost quoted was the cost we paid; there were no hidden extras on the final invoice. We are very happy and will work with Jigowatt again.

Daniel Louisy, Managing Director, Ashville Inc.


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