Autogas Limited is a joint venture between Shell and Calor to supply Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) to motorists across the United Kingdom. LPG is a type of fuel that can be used by vehicles as a cheaper way of running a car. To use LPG cars must either be built to use it, or they can be converted to run on LPG.

In the process of a rebranding, Autogas wanted a studio to provide a workable solution for providing public facing (B2C) information, and private information (B2B) for LPG conversion garages and forecourts.


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Getting Acquainted

Having only met with Autogas in our initial meeting, we nailed down the requirements of the project, and managed the remainder of the project via Skype, Basecamp and emails.

Autogas were happy with the flexibility this offered, and it allowed us to respond quickly to all of their requests and evolution of the project’s needs.

We worked closely throughout the entirely of the project to ensure the end result was the workable solution Autogas wanted.

Design & Development

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 14.59.37With the rebranding of Augtogas as a company, the design of the site was led by the new colours and typography in their brand guidelines.

This gave us time to consider the structure of the site, and how to make this navigable by using wireframes and content provided.

Shortly after recieving the brand guidelines, we applied them to the wireframes to provide a design they were happy with.

The build progressed quickly and to schedule.

Noteworthy Features

One of the more visually interesting features of the site was the “Fuel savings calculator” we built.

While this wasn’t a feature they originally requested, it’s something we felt was important for potential end users to be sold on the idea of converting their car, and Autogas loved it.

The calculator takes an XML feed of UK average prices for multiple fuels, and users input their current fuel and mileage to work out what their estimated savings would be after converting to LPG.

The interface is simple, and animated to help with the usability and ease of understanding.


Trials & Tribulations

One of the biggest hurdles we faced was converting the process of forecourt daily checks (which had been done on paper for so long) into a digital format that made sense.

Coupled with converting the paper form of the checks, there were also various user groups and permission levels to deal with.


Autogas continue to use Jigowatt to add functionality and provide support for their team. This can range for small tweaks to full features or alterations to existing features – we’re completely flexible.

We also provide a reasonable hosting service.