Cerulean LLC

After successfully developing a small website on their behalf to accompany a new book, Cerulean approached Jigowatt to redesign his company’s main website.

Before the redesign, the CEO managed the entire website himself. Over the years, this had become a complex process, due to a tangled design that made it difficult to update and manage content.

Cerulean Ecommerce


Our task was to streamline the vast amount of content, and to give Cerulean the ability to easily add and edit not only content, but also digital products for sale, so that they were easy to set up and appealing to the end user.

To achieve this, we upgraded Cerulean to WordPress as the CMS on this project. In addition, we selected eCommerce plugins to handle the newsletter subscriptions and digital products.

Bespoke Development

We also used our Custom WordPress Development team to add bespoke functionality. This functionality allowed paid subscribers to log in and view back-issues of Cerulean’s previous newsletters.

This is all integrated through PayPal and the WordPress user system, providing a quick and painless experience for Cerulean and their customers.

Here is the glowing review that the Cerulean CEO gave us:

After years of work with many web developers in the US and Europe, I chose Jigowatt to redesign my company’s site for three reasons: [1] their expertise with streamlined web design; [2] their fantastic level of communication and creativity; and [3] their high degree of integrity and professionalism. Not only was I happy with the results of their redesign work, but even now, one year later, I’m even happier. New customers regularly mention how easy it is to navigate our website, our revenue is up by 31%, and when we want to make a minor change or add a new online product, Jigowatt is right on target, right away

John Avellanet, Managing Director & Principal at Cerulean Associates LLC


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