Classic Leather Fobs

Based in Lincolnshire, Classic Leather Fobs is the brainchild of Classic Car enthusiast Richard Frost. The business started after his failed attempts at trying to find a top quality keyring for his own classic car – items which are now most sought-after. He set off to create his own but in doing so noticed a gap in the market. He now sends thousands of his handmade keys rings globally each year.

Getting Acquainted

Richard originally contacted us back in 2014 when we created his first e-commerce store. Richard was happy with the overall design of the site but was aware that in order to future proof the website he needed to upgrade to a better-supported e-commerce platform.

My small business is very niche and sells one-off items all over the world from a website shop. There is no other business like it to use as a template but Andy and his team at Jigowatt embraced all the peculiarities and soon got a grip of what was required.

They devised a website which has now stood the test of time and have upgraded the site as advances have required. Jigowatt have demonstrated extreme patience with a customer who struggles with IT and have always been readily & patiently on hand when things have needed urgent attention.

There will be many thousands of small online business owners like me who are looking for sympathetic developers like Jigowatt. If those people read this review then their search is over

Richard Frost, Owner of Classic Leather Fobs

During the process, we moved the site into our new Elementor hybrid theme which allowed us to tidy up a few loose ends that the previous site struggled which as the original site followed a tightly structured template.

As the base design wasn’t going to change we decided to just tidy up a few templates to improve the entire user experience.

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The first step in this process was making the subheadings within the content much more obvious allowing the page to be easier to read. We implemented a new lightbox slider within his galleries, the sidebar on the product page was replaced with a brand dropdown menu to allow more room for the excellent product shots Richard takes himself and a few other minor tweaks.

Whilst the previous site had some responsive functionality key areas like the cart and checkout were clunky, and after looking at the sites traffic reports we could see more potential customers were viewing the site on mobile devices we knew this needed to be addressed. After the rebuild the new site is now much more intuitive and responsive, allowing for bigger imagery and easier navigation.

The new theme is much has a much smaller and cleaner codebase and so in-turn pages load more quickly resulting in a better user experience and hopefully increased sales.

Overall the site is a much better user experience – from navigating Richard’s great personal content to buying one of his handmade keyrings. Happily, we continue to support Richard as he continues to see his business grow.