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Based in the Lincolnshire Fens, ClothSpot is a site dedicated to fabrics. Saddened at the loss of fabric stores on the high street, ClothSpot provides a mind-blowing selection of fabrics to inspire your next big idea. With new arrivals on the site every single week we’re sure if you’re a fabric fan ClothSpot is the place for you.

Getting Acquainted

We’ve been working with Alice for over six and a half years! In fact we built the original website for ClothSpot which over this time has performed extremely well but it wasn’t built with mobile devices in mind. Whilst it has received a few patches along the way to improve the mobile experience we needed to start from scratch in order to create a site properly optimised for mobile.


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In the six years since we launched ClothSpot we’ve always had wonderful feedback from our customers. However were aware that technical solutions were now available to address some important items that we’d picked up on from conversations with our website users. Top of the list was the ability to order part-metres of fabric, encouraging people to buy online and saving us time spent processing email and telephone orders. We also wanted a site that would make our fabric even more visually attractive and allow us to update it with new products and offers.

We’re thrilled to have achieved all that and more with the work of the Jigowatt team in moving our site to WooCommerce. They know us well and understand our commercial, visual and operational priorities. In turn we trust their judgement on issues of design and digital technology. Our website has a whole new lease of life – and that has rippled right across everything we do. Our hard work has been more than matched by Jigowatt who have led the migration and redesign process with all the expertise, judgement and good humour we could have hoped for. That’s a process that didn’t stop the day we went live – they’ve continued to support us as we explore how to make the most of our new website.

I forgot to mention how much more efficient the new software has made our back-office processes, from invoicing to sales analysis. We’re still going through a process of consolidation but I estimate it’s saving us about a day and a half a week. Also our mobile sales are up from 39% in February 2017 to 61% last month. I could go on…

Alice Grant, Managing Director

Design & Development

As Alice likes to get her hands dirty and take control of the site we decided to use a theme framework which has a user-friendly UX builder, allowing her to edit all areas of the site without requiring the knowledge of a developer.

One of the first things we considered when building the site was how the menu could work. Due to the amount of categories on the site we wanted to make it easy for users to navigate. So we introduced a mega menu, this means no matter where you are on the site you can extremely easily access any category on the site.

Alice wanted more ways of promoting offers, new products and blog posts on her homepage, so we included a slider which allows multiple promotions but priorities which one is shown first. On the old site, we did have two static promotional areas which we decided to keep to the right-hand side of the slider. Below this we wanted to highlight some USPs of the business, so we added a few icon blocks which showcased the new part-metre ordering system, free product samples and the new wishlist.

The products on the homepage and the rest of the site looked a little basic, so we utilised across the polaroids from the previous site. This kept some of the original site’s personality, although we did update the styling slightly to make it look even sleeker. With a little bit of CSS magic we randomised the order in which the tape appears and on hover, we included a bit of a script font for the quick view option.

Testimonials have always been fantastic for ClothSpot, but Alice has never displayed them. We wanted to show off what her customers thought of the business so we introduced a slider towards to the end of the page which has a background image of the product the customer ordered and the testimonial from the customer.
Clothspot testimonials

Finally, at the bottom of the homepage, we included everything social. The first half brings in the blog and on the second half a Twitter feed on a piece of fabric which is pinned up with tape just like the polaroids. We kept the fabric Twitter bird again to keep some of the personality of the previous site. Then across the very bottom, we pulled in the Instagram feed.

We did add a few little touches on the homepage such as a fabric background behind the homepage promotion and a very subtle fabric pattern behind the bag icon.

As Alice has such a huge range of products we wanted an easy way for customers to filter the products to exactly what they wanted, so once they’ve navigated to the desired category through the new mega menu we introduced a sidebar which filters by fabric, colour, pattern, style and wardrobe. Allowing users to view exactly what they want or if they just want to browse the products at their own leisure they can ignore the filtering.

Noteworthy Features

All of the fabrics chosen by Alice are absolutely stunning, and her photography really highlights this. Each product has multiple high-quality photos shot by Alice in her workshop, which makes her site stand out from the rest. An investment was also made with Jigowatt’s favourite photographer Tom to shoot the fantastic aspirational location shots.

Another great feature of the new site is the part-metre ordering system, customers can now order precise lengths of fabric with ease. This allows much more flexibility for both the customer and Alice – and is already after just a few days after launch proving to be hugely popular.


When we originally did the spec for the site Alice had a list of features that weren’t included in the phase one release, so we’re currently working on implementing new features and improvement for phase two. We also continue to provide feedback on how Alice can improve her sales and improve her SEO position.