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London based children’s book publisher, Egmont, approached Jigowatt with a simple, but considerably large request.

“We need a completely new site that’s SEO friendly, easy to admin and can include eCommerce. The site need to be both B2B and consumer facing.”

With famous brands and characters such as Mr. Men, Peppa Pig, Thomas the Tank Engine and Minecraft under their belt, we jumped at the chance, and arranged a meeting in their impressive London offices to flesh out a brief and meet their team.

Jigowatt became a seamless part of our digital team for several months and helped us deliver a superb website (despite a number of changes in direction and a shift in scope).

Their team put in a huge amount of effort to get the project completed on time and on budget.
They are an incredibly dedicated bunch and their technical skill is world class.
I would recommend them to anyone and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Richard Starr, Technical Developer


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Getting Acquainted

Egmont explained to us that they’d met with other agencies, all touting Magento as the only system that was capable of covering the scope of their brief.We offered a cheaper, workable, and far more user-friendly solution using WordPress, some third-party plugins, custom plugin development and a theme build.After demonstrating how SEO friendly, flexible, and easy to use WordPress is Egmont could clearly see the benefits; it was a no-brainer.

Design & Development

modulesVisual design work was to be created in-house at Egmont, with Jigowatt providing a key consultancy role, pointing out what would or wouldn’t work well with WordPress and the web in general.

One of Egmont’s main goals with the new site was to have a “modular” approach to their content.

This involved specific “modules” of content for different types of content (images, text, video, lists etc) that could be inserted into any page on the site.

These modules also needed to follow “responsive design” principals, allowing them to work well on a range of devices and screen sizes.

We used “custom post types” and page templates in WordPress to allow the team at Egmont to create different “looks” for different sections of the site.

The menu system in Egmont has also been responsively designed to cater for different screens, and changes it’s appearance completely based on your device.

Noteworthy Features

Print on Demand Interface

The single biggest challenge of the site build was always going to be the customisable book titles.

These “Print on Demand” books give the user the ability to pick and choose a character name and “physical traits”, which update the front-cover image and internal page previews for the product in real-time.

While this sounds simple, there were some considerably difficult problems to solve.

Each “Print on Demand” product has varying requirements:

  • Single or multiple character names
  • Differing character traits (hair, shirt, shorts, beard – you name it, we had to cover it)
  • Differing names, fonts and character positioning on the book cover
  • Differing fonts, content and character positions on the internal preview

Additionally, when purchased, the varying personalisation data needed to be sent to one of two printing fulfilment houses in a format they understood, enabling them to print and ship the end product.

The team managed to find a solution which catered for the varying data and put together a front-end which allowed the user to seamlessly choose their character and purchase a beautiful, customised book.

Trials & Tribulations

Mid-way through the project, some critical design and functionality changes were made to the project, meaning vast changes to the WordPress template and custom plugin code were needed.

While we don’t actively encourage this mid-project, the team was able to roll with the punches and alter their code with relative ease and understanding, all under the pressure of tight deadlines.


Although Egmont have now taken on the codebase for the site, Jigowatt is still working closely with the team to provide ongoing support.

Additional functionality and design tweaks are often sent over and dealt with in a timely manor, keeping a great relationship going for the future.