Fork Truck Control

FTC are a Leicestershire based fork truck control business. Jigowatt were tasked in bringing their site up to date and making the content more available to their customers regardless of the device it was viewed upon.

Getting Acquainted

After meeting with FTC to discuss their current web presence and how easy it was to control the content of the website, it was immediately obvious that WordPress was the perfect CMS solution for their new site – offering a user friendly platform to upload content and utilising our expertise for training and to add unique custom features.

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Design & Development

FTC were in the process of promoting a new range of products which in turn influenced the overall design of the site ensuring a consistency of branding. In order to showcase these products in the best way possible we chose an image focused style using flat colours and suitable font pairings to portray a bold clean look.


Each product category was represented with a different full width image, we settled on using a new CSS feature that was previously only available in photo editing programmes called ‘background-blend-mode: soft-light;’. This allowed us to incorporate the brand colours over the top of the images and keep the text legible.

The ability to access content easily no matter your location on the site was extremely important, we implemented two features to the site to help with this:

1. Instead of using a traditional menu, we used a sticky header with a side navigation. This meant even if you’re half way down a page you’d always have access to the menu.

2. When you were on a individual product page we output the pages it was related too, meaning you could navigate between products within a particular category.

These small additions make it easy for a user to move around the site and also to know what products are related to each other.

Noteworthy Features

One feature of the site to note, comes in the form of the individual product pages and the download page. Each product has its own brochure which we also design* for FTC. When a user wants to download a brochure on either page they must first enter their name and email address which then add them to a mailing list.

To do this we built a custom script which would store a cookie on the user’s browser allowing them to return to the site and download other brochures in the future without the need to sign up for an account on the site.

Another notable area of the site is the OptaFleet page. Being FTC’s flagship product we created its own product template for the layout. We also used a custom plugin to allow the user to hover over particular areas of a fork truck and see what the Optafleet product offers.

*Not all of the brochures were designed by us.


We continue to work closely with FTC to improve their online marketing, SEO ranking and making other small updates when requested.