Germains Seed Technology

Germains are a seed technology business founded in 1871 based in the UK, Europe and the US.

They contacted us mid 2015 for a redesign of the site we built for them in 2011, they wanted something clean with plenty of large images to show off their products.

Getting Acquainted

As we’ve already been working with Germains for over 4 years we had a clear idea of their brand values and corporate identity; so it was a case of using our experience to best fulfil their brief in terms of features, functionality and cost. Germains had confidence that we would achieve what they wanted and push the limits of WordPress whilst maintaining the simplicity that the platform offers when managing the day to day running of the website.

Design & Development

This work was done in-house, with Germains’ own design team handling assets such as logos.

As an international company Germains wanted to be able to change the language of the site. We achieved this using the “WPML” plugin allowing us to have multiple languages across the entire site that be changed easily.

For the homepage we used the powerful plugin “Advanced Custom Fields Pro” allowing changes to the content and layout of the home page as and when they want to.


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Noteworthy Features

One of the most important features of the site and one of the more challenging for us was the species chart. This allows the user to view what seed treatment works with specific species.

Another important feature of the site was the Germains heritage timeline. This highly visual journey takes the user through the history of their company, using elements from their corporate branding for continuity.


Now that the site is live we continue our relationship with Germains with a regular support, development, hosting and technical assistance package.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 17.06.08

Before & After

When Germains came to us for the redesign they wanted the site to look more up to date. The old site had a textured background, gradients and small images. We changed this so the new site would have a clean & fresh look using highlight colours of the signature Germains green. This really allowed the headings, buttons and links to stand out.

A font change was overdue; with this change plus a subtle increase in font size we not only made the site look cleaner but also improved the readability of the site.

We also added a seed growing across the full width of the footer; this adds a nice visual highlight when the user is at the bottom of the site.

The new Germains site now also includes translatable text. When you first go to the site you’re given the option of a European site or US site – which can be changed at any time using the flag icons. This was extremely important to Germains as they offer different products depending on the location of the customer.


Germains asked us to include larger images to help show off their products. The slider size was increased and we added call to action notes too.

There’s a brand new section showcasing various areas of the site allowing easy access directly from the homepage content, a revamped blog and a search by species feature. These allow the user to move around the site much quicker.


Heritage Timeline

Previously Germains had a timeline that depended heavily on the user clicking through various sections; we wanted to change this to be more visual and be a journey through the company’s history plus add elements from their branding for continuity.






Being a multi-national country Germains had a world map highlighting their various offices. Keeping with their vision of more, larger images we now have a full width image that represents each location with an interactive dropdown, which highlights information about the location and the team based there.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 16.36.17





Previously products were all together in a section called ‘Our Technologies’, this has now been split into ‘Conventional’ and ‘Organic which have their own groups allowing for customers to access the content they want much quicker. This was one of the most time consuming elements on the site.