Heathrow Southern Railway

Heathrow Southern Railway

The aim of the project is to improve access to Heathrow Airport by train which in turn will help the environment, decrease congestion and improve the poor air quality due to the amount of passengers arriving by car.

Getting Acquainted

After a glowing recommendation from an existing client, Heathrow Southern Railway approached Jigowatt to build their new website. The purpose of the site is to build brand awareness, inform the public about the benefits of the project whilst explaining how it will improve access to the airport and improve the environment.

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Design & Development

We decided on a clean design utilising existing colours and font choices. A flexible responsive layout helps when viewing the site on different devices.

A grid highlights the key factors about the project, using background images to help reinforce each section. Below is a more in-depth summary and finally we pulled in the latest press release, media coverage or news story.

Over the top of the homepage quick link grid, we alternated the images between black and white to having a green duotone to help reinforce the branding.


This is a long-term project as the content of the site is constantly updating with the development of the Railway proposal itself. HSR have set up a retainer with us to allow for the smooth regular changes; we recently added the ability for staff to post press releases and allow users to easily find them. We look forward to continuing to improve the site over the coming months.