Your Italian Wedding Planner

Every so often a site comes along which is just a joy to work on.

A project that ticks all the boxes. Exciting subject, stunning imagery and video, a well designed logo, a client that has passion and drive and is able to write all the content – both quickly and using Basecamp, our online project management tool. Heaven.

Your Italian Wedding Planner is a small local business that is dedicated to providing an alternative option to the traditional UK wedding by – as the name says – helping to plan a wedding in beautiful Italy. Carolina offers the full range of advice and support, from a simple steer in the right direction for flowers and venue to a full blown planning service.
Having originally approached us a few weeks ago owner Carolina wanted a rustic website to promote her unique business. She also wanted it quickly to take advantage of the approaching wedding season.

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Knowing that Carolina had some gorgeous photos and amazing video of the previous weddings she had organised made it easy to make the site stand out and able to draw people in. We featured a loop of the video on the homepage – it really captures the essence of the services on offer. We decided that accents of olive green would be useful to help break the content into different sections, with the addition of a flow stem icon helping keep the feel of her logo throughout the site.

As funds were tight we knew we’d have to work extremely closely with Carolina to ensure that we had everything we needed as soon as we could and she couldn’t have been more helpful. Providing new content daily and her thoughts on how it was going whenever we needed it, ensuring that no time on the project was wasted.

If this site doesn’t make you want to get down on one knee or wisk your loved one away to renew your vows then nothing will.