Monarch Glass

Premier glass & glazing installation company Monarch Glass engaged Jigowatt to rebuild their website after recommendation from another client. They were also increasingly frustrated in the time it took to make even the simplest change and heard about the power of WordPress.

They wanted an easy way to edit the content without the need for any coding knowledge and after showing some examples of our previous work using the WordPress platform it was an easy decision for them.

Design & Development

Monarch were happy with the with basic look and feel of their current site, but were open to suggestions for any improvements we felt would benefit them – so we submitted our review.

Due to their previous site restricting what they could edit, we wanted to make every section on the site editable. Using our team’s favourite plugin ‘Advanced Custom Fields’ allowed us to do this. Advanced Custom Fields is a plugin we utilise to add custom fields to particular page templates or post types. This was particularly handy for the services / case studies page as each one has its own brochure that needs adding. With ACF we’ve made it so they can easily update a field in each of the pages to swap what brochure it will display and allow the user to download. We also used this for the footer as well, Monarch display their accreditations so using a repeater field has enabled them to add and remove accreditations when required.

The two main changes we made to improve the site were on the homepage.

The first was to add the services Monarch offered. Previously hidden behind a menu item we felt these needed to have presence on the home page, not only showing off their services to potential customers but also to help improve the SEO of the site.

They also had a tabbed system for the categories. This means a customer needed to manually click between each one to see the content – not an ideal customer experience. To bring this up to date we decided to split each category into its own column, using the featured image as the background and overlaying the text on top. It looks great and it makes the content much easier to access.


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Additional Features

We added another favourite WordPress form plugin – Gravity Forms, allowing them to store any form entries to the database, add extra fields with ease and use any of the potential add ons in the future.

Due to it being a static site previously the site had no major SEO functionality, to improve this for them we used another favourite Yoast SEO allowing them to take direct control of the SEO of the site using the easy to use Yoast interface.

To make sure the site doesn’t face any security issues we installed Sucuri which stops brute force attacks & blocks long query strings from being ran on the site making it as secure as possible.


Noteworthy Features

Not only did our update improve this site, but the fantastic photography really helps to showcase the great work Monarch produce, just have a look at the case study gallery.

We’ve previously written on our blog about the importance of high quality photographs and how it can communicate your message and values to a customer so Monarch are a prime example of how to use images correctly.


With the re-launch now complete Monarch are extremely happy to have a site that doesn’t restrict what they are able to edit. We maintain a great relationship with them through hosting and and ongoing support and hope to work with them into the future.