RÖ Skin

Based in our hometown of Peterborough, RÖ Skin was established in 2009 by two friends, Claire and Clare. Their aim is to deliver the highest quality skin care to their clients.

Getting Acquainted

We’ve worked with RÖ since summer last year when they were previously Zula Beauty. They came to us looking for a few content tweaks to their existing site and for an e-commerce solution to be added to help grow the business.

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Design & Development

As we picked up development of their site post-launch we had to familiar ourselves with the theme they were using, it soon became obvious that it wasn’t up to the job.

Whilst considering the best way forward with the theme Clare told us they had decided to re-brand to RÖ Skin. They also wanted to update the design of the site and have it follow Scandi design trends.

We decided that with the budget given we could rebuild it using our custom base theme and Elementor. This would allow the site to become a lot lighter (as it’s not depending on the bulk of a purchased theme), improve the site’s general SEO and allow us to redesign the site from the ground up.

The rebuild followed the basic structure of the old site. We added a few new sections to the homepage, notably the products, shop / booking promotional blocks and testimonials. We also increased the general spacing and changed the fonts site-wide in keeping with Scandi style.

The shop was by far the most complex part of the build as we were trying to maintain the design trend whilst simplifying the user-journey.

One of the key functions of the site is the treatment booking pages. Previously bookings were just a page of text with a button underneath each section. We wanted to highlight these calls to action – again more readable from a users’ perspective. So we used a gold tint on each treatment block.

An advantage of using Elementor is the ability to add these gold blocks into a template so when RÖ want to add any future treatments they don’t have to set everything up from scratch.

Noteworthy Features

Definitely the decision to rebuild the site we included Elementor. Elementor is a layer on top of any theme which allows you to have a page builder without the bloat.

As you can style the blocks in your own theme and only use when it’s needed it provided the flexibility that the project needed and provided a user-friendly way for the client to update the site going forward as it has a live front-end editor.