Savile Row Style

Savile Row Style is the sole magazine dedicated to the street in London known famously for its bespoke tailoring for men – originally published in 1999 by Marie Scott in partnership with John Taylor. Like the magazine, the website covers everything from the world of men’s styling, fine dining, travel and a luxury life style.

Getting Acquainted

In the summer of 2015 Savile Row Style contacted us, after an introduction from another of our customers, to produce a website for their magazine. The brief was simplicity and elegance in line with strict brand guidelines. They had a rough idea of layout, so we took this away and carefully crafted the design you see on the website today.


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Design & Development

As the website was to contain articles from the magazine we had to find a way for users to easily access the content but also to provide suitable navigation on brand with the additional requirement of online advertising and an intuitive tailor directory. In order to achieve this we created a home page which would pull in the latest news from all the categories on the site, allowing new users to get a feel of the content. We also left space in the top row for advertisements.

We then designed the rest of the site around the specific categories. Each menu item was a main category and on hover over we’d open up a second menu showing the child categories. When you entered a category page we’d also provide users with a sidebar which contained all the categories which were related to the post or page they were currently on. The sidebar also served as another location for advertising space beneath the related categories.


Noteworthy Features

Due to the high profile of Savile Row Style magazine every aspect of the site had to adhere to their very strict guidelines – from the photography to colour and the smallest details within the typography. The fantastic, stylish imagery on the site reflects our statement about the importance of having great images. The result is a beautiful site that met the brief exactly and we are proud to showcase.


After the handover and training session Savile Row are now able to manage the site themselves