Tried & Tested

An introduction to Shimadzu in 2013 by a former work colleague has resulted in a relationship now in it’s 4th year – and one that is closer than ever for the year ahead.

Shimadzu UK provides a broad range of analytical instruments indispensable for research, development, and quality control in a variety of fields. Our initial involvement came through the Royal Society of Chemistry for which we created on-page advertising for Chemistry World magazine.

Getting Acquainted

Working together on the nationwide campaign ‘The Secret’s Out’ for the first 18 months we created a series of double page spreads, single pages and various marketing pieces such as banner pens and branded USBs. The campaign was well received and achieved its objective of improving Shimadzu’s profile in the industry.

Design & Development

We worked closely with Shimadzu Europe and within the corporate guidelines on all design and became a trusted, reliable and quick to respond resource throughout the 2014 campaign.

As part of the ‘Excellence in Science’ core philosophy – 2015 saw the start of a new campaign called ‘The Shimadzu Advocates’. The company joined forces with their customers to promote their scientific endeavours and initiatives. The partnership resulted in a series of informative videos supported by the extensive on-page advertising.

Creation of 2 microsites and various HTML email campaigns also helped to affirm our ability to provide creative solutions both on and offline.

Noteworthy Features

The key element to this relationship has been not only the quality of the work produced, but our responses to requests 24-7, our ability to deliver to short deadlines and just be easy and friendly to work with. Our experience means we don’t get flustered by a big ‘ask’ and in what seems an impossible deadline.


As mentioned at the start, this year our relationship has strengthened. Our regular monthly projects include email newsletters, HTML emails, web site additions and maintenance and print ads.

So we’re proud of our long partnership with Shimadzu. Flexibility, great communication, a pay as you go service, top quality work and quick responses.

Tried and tested methods indeed.