SOE 2017

Founded in 1956 SOE (Societas Ophthalmologica Europea) set out with the aim to “promote ophthalmology in Europe”. Over the past 50 years SOE has grown into a small society covering all 40 European countries and representing more than 40,000 European ophthalmologists.


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Getting Acquainted

Our partnership with SOE started in 2011 when we built, this was the home for the European Society of Ophthalmology. They were very pleased with the result so in 2014 contacted us to build another website to launch in time for their bi-yearly conference and again for the following conference SOE 2017.

Design & Development

Due to the large amount of information on the conference’s site we wanted to make it easy for users to navigate between relevant content. To do this we add a sidebar to each page which would pull in any related content.

The use of a pop out mobile ready menu aided navigation, instead of users having to scroll to the top of the page to access the navigation we kept a menu icon in the top left hand of the page allowing users to access all pages at any point on the page they’re currently on.


SOE wanted to provide additional information about the event such as weather, so at the bottom of the homepage we included some average weather statistics with some custom icons. These displayed average hours of sunlight, temperatures, chances of cloud & chances of rain.


Noteworthy Features

As discussed before in previous blog posts, images are becoming increasingly important. They’re also an extremely quick way of communicating a message and values to website visitors.

SOE understand this completely, when designing the website they let us know how important it was to showcase the city the event was being held in using iconic images of the city.


On the homepage we made use of a beautiful full screen photo of a mosaic in Barcelona, with some of the conference statics such as the amount of lectures, invited speakers and scientific sessions being held. (insert image of homepage hero). As you scroll down the page you get to the keynote lectures section, here we decided to include a shot of some of the venue’s architecture. Scrolling down even further we included an image of the venue. At the very bottom of the page we included some average weather statics which again was over some of the iconic mosaics. When you visit the rest of the pages we included a banner behind the header of the content which was a collage of three locations around the city.


SOE 2017 uses images perfectly to bring in the feel of the event to the website, also allowing visitors to know exactly where the event is being held.


We’ve been happily working with SOE for over five years now across three different websites as well as monthly newsletters for both SOE Vision & the conference’s.