SOE Vision

Founded in 1956 SOE (Societas Ophthalmologica Europea) set out with the aim to “promote ophthalmology in Europe”. Over the past 50 years, SOE has grown into a society covering all 40 European countries and representing more than 40,000 European ophthalmologists.

Getting Acquainted

Our partnership with SOE started in 2011 when we built, this was the home for the European Society of Ophthalmology. They were impressed with the result so in 2014 contacted us to build another website to launch in time for their bi-yearly conference Since then we were recommissioned to do the conference sites for SOE 2017 and the build of the main SOE Vision website which would also include SOE 2019 as part of the multi-site.

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Design & Development

As we originally built SOE Vision 7 years ago and had worked on the site to add new features and SEO benefits over the years we knew it well, but by no means was the redesign an easy task.We were asked to redesign the site using the conference sites we’d designed as a visual starting point. Due to the drastic design change, we had to focus on large impactful images which work and making the content make sense in the space it’s given. SOE also wanted to highlight key aspects of the business, for example, the YO section due to the level of importance these had gained over the past 7 years.

The homepage consists of just a few sections, an introduction hero block which introduces you to the business with a CTA to get more information. This is swiftly followed by the promotion of the now sub-domain conference site SOE 2019, a news section and then downloads. Beneath this, we’ve introduced another hero style section to help promote SOE YO, whilst the previous site did promote this it was nowhere near as prominent. Finally, we pull in some of the upcoming events, a notice about fraudulent sites and a newsletter subscription section.


We continue to develop extra functionality on the site whilst also making sure the site is kept up to date and secure as possible with our Gold Care Package. Regular newsletters are also part of our ongoing relationship.