Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 13.48.38Jigowatt work on a wide range of different web design projects, these can include those being run by public sector or not for profit organisations. The TUC, the umbrella organisation for Britain’s trade unions, has been a customer of ours for over 5 years.
The aim of the ‘Going to Work’ site is to unite people, share information, and inspire action on the campaigns that the TUC are supporting. This project is part of the trade union philosophy of individuals getting together to negotiate with employers, improving pay and work conditions, and ensuring fairness and equal treatment

Let’s get to work

The site is built in WordPress and is designed to have a visually engaging layout that draws attention to the latest stories and campaigns. It has a blog but also includes custom development work by Jigowatt to facilitate engagement via the “take action” section of the website. This section features a number of different campaigns where visitors are asked to get involved using the site.

Custom plugin development

A task more involved than the site itself, this bespoke development enabled members to get in touch with their local, elected representative simply by the ticking a box. A complex task with a variety of guidelines to adhere to, but not a problem for our experienced dev team.


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