Under 17 Driver

Under 17 Driver is a charity organised designed to develop the driving skills of young drivers making them safer when they do pass their test. Whilst it started off as an experiment back in 2008 it has now evolved into a car club split into 3 separate organisations.

Getting Acquainted

Last summer vice president of the charity John Beckford approached us with a brief for the first of 3 websites. Having known John for the past 8 years outside of Under 17 Driver it was a pleasure to work with him again.

The aim of the site was to help reduce the amount of handwritten admin and make it easier for users to book courses online.

Design & Development

Under 17 Driver already had a simple site made which was only promoting the charity and nothing else. John wanted the site to be the hub for bookings, theory tests, questionnaires and much more.

With this list of features, we researched and found the best and most user-friendly ways to achieve them.

To keep the cost low we decided to stick with one of our favourite themes Flatsome. We knew this had a great UX builder which would easily allow John or any other members of the business to edit the site with ease.

Bookings being one of the most important parts of the site was done with Events Calendar Pro and a few additional plugins allowing it to sell tickets. In addition to this, we had to add a few custom fields to the booking form to collect specific information about who was making the booking, who was driving on the day, who was accompanying the driver. This would allow the registration process on the day of the event to be much smoother as people could turn up with tickets that the site provided.

Previously during the course participants would take a series of theory tests on paper and then they would be manually marked by volunteers which is obviously a time-consuming job. John wanted to include this on the website to reduce the amount of admin time and we did exactly that.

Using Gravity Forms and some add-ons we were able to create a series of theory tests that would automatically score the users automatically, provide them with a pass / fail certificate and generate reports based on a series of pre-test questions.

Not only would this make the lives of everybody easier, it means analytical data could now be collected meaning John could provide further evidence of the positive impact he was having on young drivers to his investors.

We also created a questionnaire which collected different information but also enabled John to collect similar details.



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We engaged Jigowatt to redesign and represent the website for our small charity. Key requirements were the ability to register and pay online and for clients to participate in theory tests and surveys. Some of our people were doubtful it would work. However, all our objectives have been met in full with the online theory test process saving us the equivalent of one volunteer day every day – a massive gain for a small outlay. We are delighted.

John Beckford, Chairman

Noteworthy Features

The most important part of the site by far was the online theory tests we’ve mentioned in the previous section.

This not only saves John and his team hours of time at every event they now hold, the data it provides is invaluable. Luckily we’ve been using Gravity Forms for years so we knew we could do exactly what John wanted as soon as he mentioned it and knew it could provide that analytical data.


We continue to work closely with John and his team to work on the Under 17 Driver site whilst we also are in discussion about his other two sites for the charity.