Creators of smart mobile products and supply chain services including scratch cards, SIM cards, app development and packaging design–followed up by fulfilment and logistic services.

Our choice of web partner was a considered investment but one that we are happy we made. Having been involved in the full scale development of about 20+ websites in my time, working with both in-house teams and agencies, I can honestly say I found this project one of the easiest and most satisfying.

Managing projects out-house and across different locations, I feel it is critical to have strong communication with your partner and with Jigowatt we had this, finding them fast, efficient, and responsive to all our queries. We were given good visibility on progress and were provided with proactive and robust solutions to address our requirements. All in all, we were very impressed with Jigowatt and very happy with the results. Needless to say, I have no hesitation in recommending them as a reliable, forward-thinking web partner.

Mark Humphreys, Head of Marketing, Workz Group

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Getting Acquainted

Initially, we were partnered with Workz to look after their existing website after they became unhappy with their previous agency. We rebuilt the site as the original website had been put together in a less than ideal state, and was going to be difficult to rectify on an ongoing basis. After some time with the rebuilt website Workz approached us with designs for new website with a fresh and clean look.

Design & Development

Just like before the ability to have every aspect of the site manageable through the WordPress admin was extremely important.

After breaking down the designs into modules, we knew that using one of our favourite plugins Advanced Custom Fields Pro that we’d be able to offer page building options to Workz.

Each module has a set of requirements depending on what it needed to display, but almost all of the modules were given some extra design options. These included options such as, full or contained width, text colour, text background colour and many more.One of the biggest forms of media Workz use is video, so this was a crucial part of the new website. Using ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder we could allow them to display YouTube and Vimeo videos with ease. We even adapted the output URL within the module options to allow them to control what the video would do once displayed.

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Trials & Tribulations

The biggest issue we faced with Workz’s project was towards completion some design changes were made. Originally the entire site was contained width which didn’t end up looking great on large monitors so the decision was made to make the site full width.

Luckily because of the way we built the site using modules, we were able to tweak them slightly and add additional options to allow them to go full width.


Workz have come back for alterations to their site since it’s been built, and we continue to help them build upon their ideas.