Creators of smart mobile products and supply chain services including scratch cards, SIM cards, app development and packaging design–followed up by fulfilment and logistic services.

Our choice of web partner was a considered investment but one that we are happy we made. Having been involved in the full scale development of about 20+ websites in my time, working with both in-house teams and agencies, I can honestly say I found this project one of the easiest and most satisfying.

Managing projects out-house and across different locations, I feel it is critical to have strong communication with your partner and with Jigowatt we had this, finding them fast, efficient, and responsive to all our queries. We were given good visibility on progress and were provided with proactive and robust solutions to address our requirements. All in all, we were very impressed with Jigowatt and very happy with the results. Needless to say, I have no hesitation in recommending them as a reliable, forward-thinking web partner.

Mark Humphreys, Head of Marketing, Workz Group

Getting Acquainted

Initially, we were partnered with Workz to look after their existing website after they became unhappy with their previous agency. We soon discovered the website had been put together in a less than ideal state, and was going to be difficult to rectify on an ongoing basis.After explaining the pitfalls of the current build, and what it could mean for Workz in the long term, they employed Jigowatt to provide a rebuild of their website with additional features and the ability to manage every aspect of the site through WordPress’ admin.

Design & Development

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Despite the designs having already been drawn up internally at Workz, we provided valuable feedback for what would and wouldn’t work responsively across multiple devices.

Valuable feedback not only provided Workz with a better end result, but also future proofed their design ideas with just a small amount of collaboration.

Noteworthy Features

One of Workz biggest sells is the way in which their cards are made up with different security “layers” in the production process.They wanted a way to visualise this on their website, but also have the ability to alter it over time with each “layer” of their construction being editable and reordered.

With this in mind, we built up a means of doing this via WordPress’ administrative screens and responsive view on the front-facing part of the site.

Trials & Tribulations

The biggest issue we faced with Workz’s project was how to make the editable layers of their card work across a multitude of devices – the positioning of the layers and the scale of the layers all needed to be dynamic.
We got around this by basing everything on a percentage–from position to sizing.


Workz have come back for alterations to their site since it’s been built, and we continue to help them build upon their ideas.

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